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Frankie Dean is inspired by its ability to contribute to the community, both local and abroad. From the outset, Frankie Dean’s social mission is the most important and satisfying element of our business.

But we need your help. Our goal is to help identify those children who have vision difficulties, and provide them with quality eyewear and lenses at no expense so they can enjoy better sight, better quality of life, and importantly a better education. Meet our Sight for Schools™ program.



Sight for Schools™

Helping children achieve good eyesight through our Sight for Schools™ program is at the core of Frankie Dean’s philosophy. We believe all school children have the right to quality vision during their school years. With every purchase of Frankie Dean eyewear you can be assured that you have become part of the process in doing good for a child in need, helping us to provide quality eyewear and lenses at no expense and allowing the Sight for Schools™ program to expand and prosper.

Why should you support Australian School Children?

Because along with allergies and asthma, eye disorders are the most common long-term health problem experienced by children. There are more than 400,000 cases of chronic eye disorders among children in Australia. Approximately 1 in 6 children aged 10-14 wears glasses to correct sight. The frequency of vision issues increases significantly to 1 in 5 during school years, yet the changes in a child’s vision are sometimes so gradual that most children are unaware of them.

One of the main aims of our program is to alert parents and teachers to frequently overlooked vision problems in the hope of helping those school children who struggle unnecessarily because of undiagnosed vision disorders. In fact, even today many of these children are often suspected of having learning disabilities, dyslexia, or attention deficit disorder when the real problem is their vision.

Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent, control, slow or completely correct vision problems that interfere with a child’s capacity to learn. A good education depends on good vision, and remember that around 80% of what we learn comes from having good eyesight! We are so excited by our Sight for Schools™ program and we welcome you to becoming part of the journey! The more support we get from people like you, the more Frankie Dean can help in our vast community.


Would you like your School to participate in our Sight for Schools™ program?


Click here to Register Interest for your school

If you would like your school (or a school you know) to participate then get in touch about becoming a part of the Sight for Schools program by calling Frankie Dean on 1800 752 919 or use our contact form.

Participating Schools

Participating Schools