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Cool and Stylish Vogue Glasses

At the Temple of Vogue, the modern woman has found the religion which makes her toes curl, her spine tingle and her hands quiver like deranged butterflies. In a world where you’re likely to be imprisoned in a concrete and glass office for more hours than any human deserves and you’re forever worried about the excess kilos you’re sitting on, it’s comforting to know you have a reference to turn to which advises you on fashion directions and presents you with style goals towards to which you can aspire.

The Vogue style cult was actually started by a mere man when Arthur Turnure wrote the first chapter of the book of Vogue in 1892 and passed it on at his death in 1909 to Conde Montrose Nast, another man. Evangelists spread the Vogue message of fashion and elegance from the United Sates to Italy, France and Britain. Followers of the cult of fashion surged during the hungry deprivation of the Great Depression and the dreary Khaki of World War Two but it wasn’t until the 1960s that Vogue became the irresistible vehicle of high priestesses like Diana Vreeland and Anna Wintour who openly preached the sexual revolution and contemporary fashion over traditional values. Wintour particularly became a benevolent dictator who encouraged innovation in fashion but allowed nothing to pass without her consent.

Wintour’s spreading of the Vogue message even spread into Muslim and communist countries and her encouragement of fashion initiatives was powerful enough to kick start struggling economies. As with all new religions Vogue had to withstand some considerable storms. When The Devil Wears Prada was released in book and film form, Wintour’s shallow obsession with fashion at any cost was revealed in satirical form to the world. Various interest groups continue to aim pot shots at Vogue but it has prevailed and has spread right across the world becoming a real juggernaut of style. When Carrie Bradshaw exclaims “Vogue is my Bible”, she’s not kidding.

With eyeglasses frames becoming more and more a fashion item, it was inevitable that Vogue would become the name for the epitome of fashion in glasses and sunglasses as well. Vogue glasses frames are sought out by the rich and famous but also by Tracey and Shane from Taylor’s Lakes who have realised looking good is within their reach as well. Turned out in their iconic Vogue sunglasses in a distinctive wraparound design, Tracey and Shane can motor their way into a more stylish existence than their recent ancestors could ever have dreamed about. With spectacle frames online now making fashion even more accessible, there is no reason why we can’t all look like we’ve just walked out of a page of Vogue.

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