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Look Great with Silhouette Glasses

Some of us simply have a phobia about looking like slappers who’ve overdosed on thick black mascara. Generally we don’t want to resemble meerkats, pandas or racoons, not that there’s anything wrong with any member of the animal kingdom. And certainly we don’t want to resemble an interloper who’s just been punched in the eye by a jealous boyfriend. In short, some of us are getting jittery because we need glasses but we’re buggered if we want our eyes wrapped in what we perceive as unsightly frames. Never fear! Silhouette Frames are an option.

With a bit of additional thought, it became clear many years ago that if we could join our two spheres of glass to each other and add a couple of arms, then frames weren’t actually necessary. Of course for many people the eyeglasses frames were the good bit, the part which labelled you as the new fashion icon or someone so out there, you were in danger of falling right off the edge. Hey but I repeat we’re not all like that. And in many ways it looks less like you’re wearing glasses if you have no frames.

Let’s look for an analogy. Analogies can be more fun than volleyball at a nudists’ camp. Okay eyeballs are like breasts! Can you see where I’m going with this yet? Some breasts are better tethered like moored boats than allowed to run freer than a Labrador in a dog park. However, some people can carry some bra-less breasts off simply by good lighting and a healthy diet. Similarly frames can accentuate the natural beauty of some eyes but not others. Generally you’ll know what’s right for you because you’ve been staring in the mirror since birth, (at your eyes that is not your breasts.)

Silhouette glasses, otherwise known as rimless glasses have a range of options which can bring out the natural attractiveness of your eyes. If you’re a scientific type perhaps do an experiment. Get yourself a pair of rimless glasses and a pair of Frankie Deans and alternate them. Which gives you the most double takes from random spunks? Which gets you the offer of more seats on the 8.22 am from Ashburton? Which gets you a dance with the belle of the ball or the hunk of the hall? Which gets a compliment from the boss about your newfound suitability for a managerial role? Or more simply which one does your better half prefer?

Or if you’re the kind of person who thinks your own feelings are the only ones which really count, ask yourself this. Rimmed or rimless, which is making me more comfortable? There is no one answer because as we know the beautiful thing about the world is based on the fact that everyone is different. Whoever you are, Frankie Dean has designer glasses frames to suit you.

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