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“Sight For Schools” by Frankie Dean

“Frankie Dean visited our school in Term 1 of 2014.  It is an amazing initiative which supported many of our students!  The families were really appreciative of being able to give their children glasses and for some of them it was their first pair.  The difference it has made for them in the classroom is amazing and the process of having them fitted at school and delivered directly to the school was fantastic.”

Nicole Brajkovic- Wellbeing officer at Northern Bay College Hendy Street

Northern Bay College

School Name; Northern bay College Hendy Street

Address; 38 Hendy Street, Corio, Victoria 3214

Phone: 1300 348 535

E-Mail: northern.bay.p12@edumail.vic.gov.au

“At Northern Bay College we believe that our students have a right to quality at all times - quality teachers, quality resources, quality leaders, quality tasks, quality relationships, quality facilities, quality outcomes and quality experiences. “

“Northern Bay P-12 College was formed in 2011 as a result of a merger of nine schools into one multi-campus College.”

“We want a College where learning is visible and where students feel safe, respected by staff, believed in by staff and taught by knowledgeable, capable and enthusiastic teachers.”

Northern Bay College and their dedicated Teachers and Staff:

  • Developing young people who are engaged; motivated and challenged to fulfil their potential.
  • Maximising the educational opportunities and creating purposeful and diverse pathways for all students
  • Developing partnerships with other schools, community organisations and business which can empower a community through learning
  • Integrating education and community /family services in one precinct
  • Creating a community that is literate, numerate, curious, articulate, resilient and passionate

At Frankie Dean we share the Vision of Northern Bay College that every Student “has the right to quality at all times” and that’s where we feel our Sight for Schools program compliments their beliefs exactly.

Sight for School - Northern Bay College

Children should preferably have their eyes examined at the ages of 3, 6 and 13 and more regularly if there's a history of eye problems in the family. According to the Optometrists Association of Australia children often don't recognise that they have a vision problem and are unable to communicate the symptoms they are experiencing.

This is one of major reasons why our Sight For Schools program is aimed specifically towards Primary Schools, and with the assistance of Parents and Teachers at Northern Bay College we were able to identify several affected by vision problems with symptoms such as;

  • Frequent blinking, squinting, rubbing eyes.
  • Difficulty writing, reading, seeing the blackboard at school.
  • Holding head at an awkward angle when reading or closing/covering one eye to focus.
  • Holding reading materials close to face.
  • Red, tired eyes.
  • Headaches.
  • Disinterest in reading, writing and schoolwork which requires close attention.

The goal of the program was to educate parents and teachers of Northern Bay College about frequently overlooked vision problems in the hope of helping those children who struggle unnecessarily because of undiagnosed vision disorders. In fact, many of these children are often suspected of having learning disabilities, dyslexia, or attention deficit when the real culprit is their vision.

After successful detection who these Children are, and through the collective efforts of Frankie Dean and Northern Bay College Staff, parents and their children had their eyes tested by fully qualified Optometrists in the local area. With a copy of Prescription in hand, Frankie Dean qualified Optical Dispensers returned to the school 4 weeks after the program’s inception and proceeded to fit children with optical glasses to suit their prescription.

Primary School Program - Northern Bay College

At the completion of this process one of our Optical Dispensers returned to the school with a bag full of goodies!

FREE optical frame with lenses for all those children that participated in the program!

After some final adjustments with the students to make sure each child’s prescription glasses were fine we bid farewell to Northern Bay College knowing that those children would have a greater capacity to learn and fully benefit from the teachings of Northern Bay College staff.

We are here to support children’s eyesight, so you can support our “Sight for Schools” program by supporting Frankie Dean eyewear.