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Fashionable Reading Glasses

Online eyewear suppliers, Frankie Dean, offer nothing but the best in stylish and sophisticated eyewear for the whole family. Wholly owned and operated in Australia, we are committed to offering a superior local product online, cutting out the middle man and passing all the savings on to you.

A wide range of attractive reading glasses designed for men, women and children come in varying widths, colours and styles. Precision engineered in Australia, this beautiful eyewear is unique, lightweight and fashion forward. Designed locally with the highest quality materials, here at Frankie Dean, we pride ourselves on creating a unique and affordable product. With single vision prescription glasses costing no more than $99, you can enjoy reading glasses for the entire family at a fraction of the cost of other optical stores.

For your convenience, Frankie Dean have developed the 'Home Try On' feature, where you can choose up to five frames of varying colours, widths and styles which will be express delivered to your home free of charge. For five days, you can try on your chosen frames with different hairstyles, clothes and make up before deciding on the perfect frames for you.

Frankie Dean are committed to supplying beautiful glasses for all occasions and giving Australians the opportunity to wear locally made and owned glasses equal to any overseas brand. With sturdy and lightweight lenses, durable frames and a simple, effective online ordering system, you will be delighted with the superior products offered by Frankie Dean.

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