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Private Health Insurance in Australia

Private Health Insurance in Australia can be complex and confusing for the average person. The likes of online websites such as http://www.iselect.com.au and http://www.privatehealth.gov.au have started to make the process much easier for those seeking to understand and/or selecting private health insurance that suits your needs and budget.

Privatehealth.gov.au are a great website resource for a full insight into all Health Fund providers in Australia. If you follow the following link you can find information on all Health Fund providers, plus find Financial Compliance Details for each Health Fund which can help you understand which Health Funds provide the greater benefits for you.

Privatehealth.gov.au also has a cool short video that clearly states that the website exists to “help you maximise your Private Health Fund benefits whilst reducing your expenses”. Frankie Dean is a strong advocate of this statement, and you will find below a step by step guide as to how we can help you maximise your Optical Health Fund Benefits when purchasing prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses.

How can Frankie Dean help maximise my Optical Benefits with my Health Fund and take the pain out of the process for me?

Many Australians would testify that claiming Extras with your Health Fund can be difficult. In regards to Optical Benefits, most Australians would traditionally purchase through Retail Outlets and would just swipe their membership card at an Optometrist and told what they can claim. This would place you in the popular category of being one of many Australians whom have Optical Extras Cover that will still have a GAP amount to pay to the Optometrist after using your annual Optical Allowance. So would you agree it’s fair to say that your Optical Allowance does not stretch as far as you thought when purchasing prescription glasses through traditional Optical Retail stores.

So, wouldn’t you be ‘over the moon’ to purchase Prescription Glasses or Prescription Sunglasses with NO GAP or with minimal GAP to pay annually. Through traditional retail means this is not achievable for thousands of Australians with Optical Extras in particular when shopping at the large corporate chain stores or even at your local optometrist.

And it would also be fair to say that most Australians are not aware that Frankie Dean is registered with the majority of Health Funds in Australia, and most likely registered with your Health Fund of choice ! Here are just some of the more popular funds we are registered.

Click on your Health Fund below to find out more:


At Frankie Dean most Health Fund members with Optical Benefits will have the majority or all their purchase costs of Frankie Dean prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses covered.

How is it possible that Frankie Dean can tailor an optical solution to suit my needs and optical allowance when other Optical Outlets cannot?

Frankie Dean is in a very unique position where we can tailor an optical solution to maximise your annual Opticalbenefits because we a flexible and dynamic company. To start, we suggest that before contacting Frankie Dean for an optical solution you please be aware the level of your Extras Cover that you have with your Health Fund, and if you don’t know then please contact your Health Fund.

Once you have this information, then yousimply forward this through toourCustomer Service Manager at Frankie Dean; help@frankiedean.com.au. Please clearly state in your email to Frankie Dean you wish to maximise your Optical Allowance!We will then assign aqualified optical dispenserthe job of contacting you and tailoringan solution to suit your needs and your budget.

How do Frankie Dean intend to maximise my Optical Benefits allowance?

When in discussions with our Customer Service Team/Optical Dispenserour aim is tofind an optical solution to suit your Optical Allowance. We are 100% positive that we will save you time and money.

When our customers make the decision to seek assistance from Frankie Dean they are quite often surprised what we can provide in theway of prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses, and in severalinstances are able to provide 2 pairs of prescription glasses with NO GAPto pay, and even 3 or more pairs of prescription glasses with little GAP to pay.

Glasses with Single Vision Lens $99. 2 x Pair of Glasses with Single Vision Lens $179 Glasses with High Index Lens $149 - $179. Polarised Sunglasses with Prescription Lens $199 Sunglasses in Tint or Tint or Polarised Lens $119. Polarised Sunglasses with Prescription Lens $199

When I purchase from Frankie Dean what is the process to claim my Optical Benefits?

If you have made it this point then we thank-you forpurchasinga brand new set of Prescription Glasses or Prescription Sunglasses from Frankie Dean, hopefully even 2 pairs! The the process from here is to submit your claim with your Health Fund provider.

Upon delivery of your order you will receive from Frankie Dean via email an itemised tax invoice. The invoice will clearly showFrankie Dean’s unique health provider number for all health Funds for which we are a registered provider. The invoice will beitemised with special codes forFrame, Lens and Lens Coating, this will provideyour Health Fund with the necessary information to process your claim.

The level of Optical Cover with your Health Fund will determine how much you will be reimbursed for your prescription glasses. If you have gone through the process with Frankie Dean of tailoring an optical solution to meet your budget then you should be quite aware in advance of what to expect back from your Health Fund.

Our aim at Frankie Dean isto see ALL of our customers have No Gap to pay on a single glasses purchase but if you are purchasing 2 or more prescription glasses then you maybe required to pay a small gap depending on your level of cover, but in most instance you’ll get 2 pairs covered without problem.

You can claim your Optical benefits with your Health Fund at a branch, by post, claim online, and now with most Health Funds you can claim on your Mobile Phone!

So when next purchasing a pair of prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses online with Frankie Dean then follow this simple step by step process and you cannot go wrong!

Know your optical benefits cover in advance Contact frankiedean for help request a customized optical solution to suit your needs.png Frankiedean will save you time + money Frankiedean customer service team will process the order on your behalf Claim your optical benefits with your health fund

We hope that we have provided you greater insight intohow an Optical Solution can be tailored to suit your needs and budget by simply maximising your Health Fund benefits with Frankie Dean!

Free Call 1800 752 919 or help@frankiedean.com.au

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