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The Right Prescription Lenses for Glasses

If you’re ever told you’ve had all the turns you’re getting at being a homo sapien, and you’re informed you have to come back as an inanimate object, then I heartily recommend you return in the form of a shiny new set of Frankie Dean prescription lenses. Where else could you be as useful?

Sure in this life you may have put a smile on the face of an occasional stranger and at times had a whopping slice of the best chocolate cheesecake this side of the Pacific Rim, but where else could you get the satisfaction of providing the gift of non- blurry sight. Some poor bozo may have thought he/she had spotted Mr/Miss Potential Right across the room while the band played Fernando. But with you as the newly purchased lens, he/she would now be able to confirm his/her hope rather than rushing over and jumping into inextricable “Hellos” and “let’s do coffees” with a creature on closer observation would be better submerged in the deep lagoon. And that actual horse someone put their hard earned on, could be able to be seen saluting the judge instead of some poor nag they’ve mixed it up with in a blurry fantasy.

These prescription lenses for glasses which is the new you, are going to be made available after a relatively painless visit to the optometrist. Yes, these experts are a bit like a doctor but unlikely to be wearing those scary rubber gloves or need access to an industrial supply of lubricant. Think of your test more like a sophisticated game of Packman where you’ll be bombarded with regular eye switching and lens alternatives in a slick program of find the Right Lens for the optically challenged.

It has been estimated that over 60% of the American population are in need of lenses so in Australia everywhere from Oodnadatta to Uluru, you the new FD lens are sure to get a gig as well. In an aging population, your life as a lens is likely to be as busy as a mop at a Mad Monday drinking lounge. Most likely, once your friendly Optom has applied the right strength and correction factors to your shiny surfaces, you’ll be soon joining the face of some over forty. Let’s face it, to put it bluntly, the eyesight of the youthfully challenged is usually on the skids. However, if your new owner happens to be one of the multitudes of younger folk, you might find yourselves in the coolest of retro frames or any number of the latest colours and styles.

Don’t be worried if the optometrist starts talking about the need to measure your pupillary distance. You’re only going to be the lens to die for if this measurement is taken to align your prescription lenses correctly. It won’t hurt a bit and when not in use you’ll be packed up it a soft scratch free case to give you the extended nap you’ve always dreamed of.

Will the new owner’s old lenses be jealous and will you be subject to lens harassment. No way. In all likelihood, they’ll be grateful to slip into a lens Twilight Home because there will already have been quite enough ups and downs to last a lens a lifetime.

Now the sensitive question of whether you want to be in the Frankie Dean Stable. Let me assure you the boys and girls at FDs will construct you using exacting standards with lightweight CR39 resin material , hand polish you and fit you perfectly to the new frames. You will be delivered quickly to your new owner and in no time at all, your perfect new life as an FD lens will have commenced.

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