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Our Story

Frankie Dean was established with a clear vision – to create an eyewear brand that stands out from the crowd while at the same time doing good within the Australian community. We are inspired to design beautiful, hand-crafted fashion eyewear that appeals to all Australians while remaining affordable.

Frankie Dean exists to make sophisticated eyewear easy and affordable. We don’t believe you should have to pay more than $200 for a pair of glasses, and with our awesome selection of stylish yet affordable frames, you won’t. All of our frames are under $99 a pair including Single Vision prescription lenses and you can order up to 5 pairs to try on, so you get the look, feel, and fit that’s just right for you.

We’re bringing stylish yet affordable eyewear back to the people, one pair of uber cool glasses at a time. Just imagine – no more overseas companies owning chains of retail stores where you pay a 500% mark up on a pair of glasses. Can you see what’s possible? Help us change the face of Australian eyewear.



Sight for Schools™

Kids shouldn’t grow up without being able to see the wonderful world around them. That’s why we started the Sight for Schools™ program. We’re giving Sight to Schools, one pair of glasses at a time, with your help.

There are more than 400,000 cases of chronic eye disorders among children in Australia. Approximately 1 in 6 children aged 10-14 wears glasses to correct sight. With every purchase of Frankie Dean eyewear you can be assured that you have become part of the process in doing good for a child in need, and allowing the Sight for Schools program to expand and prosper.

Think Global, Buy Local

Frankie Dean™ is 100% Australian owned and we believe in supporting the local economy. That’s why when you buy Frankie Dean eyewear, you’re wearing Australian eyewear glasses deesigned by our all Australian Team. Where possible we deal with all Australian manufacturers but most importantly, we're keeping our profits on Aussie soil and giving back through our Sight for Schools™ program.

Our Commitment to Quality

Just because something is affordable doesn’t mean it’s low quality. Our frames are designed locally and made with the highest quality materials. Because we’re an online business we don’t have the costs associated with retail stores & staffing; and we can pass the savings onto you. See our How You Save page to find out more.

Try Before You Buy

We know what you’re thinking: “Hey FD, how can I buy glasses without trying them on?” Good question! We’ll send you 5 pairs of frames for you to try on at home, so you can choose the ones you like most. Ask your friends how they look or check them out in the mirror. Once you’ve decided, send them all back and order the ones you like. Try here...