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Discover Our Wide Range of Optical Glasses

At Frankie Dean online optical store, you will find a vast range of locally manufactured glasses for men, women and children. Beautifully hand crafted frames, sourced from local materials are available in a wide range of styles, colours and widths.

Wholly Australian owned and operated, we pride ourselves on offering unique and elegant designs, which are competitive in the global market place. Prescription glasses of all varieties are available for selection from the comfort of your home, with the addition of Frankie Dean's excellent customer service available to assist you at any time during the process.

With styles paying homage to vintage and classic styles, Frankie Dean also offer totally unique and modern frames that will have you stand out in a crowd. Choose from an array of colours including red, black, violet, tortoiseshell and a myriad of other colour combinations to suit both your complexion and lifestyle. With varying widths available, you will soon be wearing snug fitting, fashion conscious glasses for a fraction of the price of other optical outlets.

When we elected to operate online, we not only cut out the middle man, – who absorbs a lot of retailer's costs – we also developed a unique and customer friendly service, which allows you to have up to five pairs of glasses sent to you free (via express post), so you can take the important time necessary to choose the right glasses for you. 'Home Try On' allows you to select five frames of your choice of varying colour, style and width, to examine in your home for five days. This gives you the luxury of trialling your frames next to work and party outfits, as well as giving you the opportunity to see how your frames look with different hairstyles and make up.

Frankie Dean's innovative styling, outstanding customer service and commitment to the local economy ensure we are changing the face of Australian eyewear, with you – the customer – coming out as the winner.

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