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Our Quality in Every Frame

Frankie Dean takes its design inspiration from classically elegant eyewear and brings those retro styles into the present with a modern flair. We continue to gather feedback on what our customers want so we can offer you the latest in eyewear fashion from around the world. We source the best materials and use the latest production techniques to ensure our prices are at an industry low while our eyewear remains of the highest quality. When purchasing a pair of Frankie Dean glasses, you can rest assured you are getting the best materials crafted by expert eyewear artisans.

Eyewear Glasses

Our eyewear glasses are made from custom cellulose acetate which is hypoallergenic and lightweight, coming in a variety of colours, patterns and textures. We use Italian Acetates, which are derived from renewable resources. They are cut from a single sheet of acetate and the eyeglass frame is then carefully sliced into individual parts and assembled. The finishing touch is hand polishing to ensure a high quality product. The hinges on our frames are 5 barrel (3 hold + 2 hinge) up to 6mm, which makes for greater strength and durability.

Optical Lenses

Our optical lenses are made from CR39, which is renowned for being lighter safer and stronger than standard plastic and produces the best clarity. Anti-Reflection coating is standard on all our lenses, which means less eye fatigue and headaches from reflections and computer screens. Our High Index Lenses use a high index plastic which results in a thinner and flatter lens, giving you greater comfort. With our polarised lenses, your glasses will completely block UV rays, providing 100% UVA/UVB protection