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How we do it

The question is often posed to us here at Frankie Dean – how can we provide prescription glasses at such a low price? The answer is that it’s really not that difficult.

There is no reason you should have to pay inflated prices for glasses in Australia.

High end fashion house brands rarely produce or design their own glasses. Instead they sell the rights to large international companies who then design, manufacture and supply these branded glasses direct to their own large retail chains with huge profit margins. The companies then pay a fee to the fashion brands for the use of the brand name and logo, which results in prices being marked up 200-300% before you eventually buy your glasses at a large chain.

While the corporations that own the large retail chains have huge supply chains and massive profit margins built into their prices, at Frankie Dean we take a different approach. We design, manufacture and supply our own glasses direct to the customer. We effectively cut out the middle man in the supply chain, and we pass these cost savings on to you. Our web based sales approach allows you to bypass the retail chains and avoid the huge profit margins and overheads built into their prices.


City store with brand name glasses
Design High End - outsourced/licensing fee High End - In house/Market Research
Material High Quality - hand made High Quality - hand made
Cost of frames $400 $99
Prescription lens $180 Included in price
Anti glare lens coating Included in price Included in price
Total Cost