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Don’t take chances with what's on your face

What you put on your face says a lot about who you are. The Frankie Dean ‘Home Try On’ allows you to try on 5 frames in the comfort of your own home for 5 days for free. No pushy sales people and no trying to find a car park. Instead, access to all your favourite outfits to mix and match with and the opinions of the people you are closest to must surely be a great alternative.


What's the difference between Home Try on and Buying?

Home Try On

Buying a Frankie Dean

When you purchase a FD you will start by adding your Frankie Dean glasses selection to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. You will be prompted to enter your prescription details(non prescription glasses and sunglasses are also available in all models). You will submit your payment and your completed FD’s will then be shipped to you.

Try before you buy - 'Home Try On'

When you select the “Home Try On’ option your 5 frame selections will be added to your Home Try On cart. You will then proceed to checkout and enter your details. All 5 pairs of FD’s will be sent to you free of charge. You will have 5 days to try them on at home before sending them back.

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