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Home try-on

Because you shouldn’t take chances with what’s on your face


We understand that what you put on your face says a lot about who you are. You shouldn’t have to make a lasting decision like what glasses you’ll be wearing around without at least being able to try on some frames and see what fits you best. And not just in a store, outside your natural element, with bright lights and people all around you. Much better to have time to try on your frames in the privacy of your own home, for as long as you need to. That’s where our Home Try On feature comes in.

1. How the Home Try-On process benefits you

  • The process is absolutely FREE for your first home try on (charges will be applied for shipping thereafter) – Get your personal assortment of glasses delivered to your door
  • Select 5 different pairs of glasses – the process gives you flexibility to select different designs + shapes + colours
  • 5 days to decide, not just the 10-20 minutes you get in a store. 5 days should be ample time to make your decision, however if you need more time just let us know.
  • Have family and friends help you decide in the comfort of your own home, or take your selection of glasses to work and have your colleagues give you feedback.
  • If you still can’t decide then let us help. Email, text, or tweet a picture and we can have our community team provide you advice.

2. Frankie Dean Home Try-On process

  1. Choose any 5 pairs of glasses you’d like to try on
  2. Frankie Dean will send you the 5 pairs of glasses absolutely FREE for the first home try on (charges will be applied for shipping thereafter)
  3. Spend 5 days selecting the glasses you like best – enough time to get a feel for them and have your friends and family give feedback
  4. After 5 days return all 5 frames to Frankie Dean using the included pre-paid shipping satchel
  5. Order your favourite pair or pairs of Frankie Dean glasses online and get them quick smart

3. Choosing the right glasses

  • Similar Styles – at the bottom of every Product Page View you will find recommendations for similar designs + styles that are likely to be suitable for your face shape.
  • Colour Selection – in our main gallery you’ll find all our designs. Once you select a model the colour options will become available to you.
  • Width Selection – once you’ve chosen some frames you’ll be provided with the width measurement for each pair of glasses. Smaller numbers mean smaller sizes for smaller heads, larger numbers mean larger sizes for larger heads. If you’ve got a particularly small or large head, don’t feel bad – we still love you.

What's the difference between Home Try on and Buying?


When you add Frankie Dean eyewear to your shopping cart and go to checkout, you will be prompted to enter your prescription details (if applicable) and pay for those glasses, which will then be shipped to you.

When you choose “Home Try On” for a pair of glasses, it will be added to your Home Try On cart. Once you’ve added 5 frames to your Home Try On cart, choose checkout and enter your details. All 5 pairs of glasses will then be sent to you free of charge for your first home try on (charges will be applied for shipping thereafter), so you can try them on at home before sending them back.