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Buy Glasses Online

You know what I’d really like to get online? First I’d like to buy a wand which I could wave over any place in the world where people hate each other because of the colour of their skin, the beliefs of their religion or the battle for some resource in short supply. Before you start calling me Tinkerbelle, imagine the power of being able to stop conflict with one wave of a star on a stick. F@!%ing awesome!

Next, with world peace taken care of, I’d like to order a partner who wants to be with me but not smother me, who has their own passion but not an obsession, who is happy to slob around in trackydacks but doesn’t look like they’re hiding a family of sea otters under the fabric. This new squeeze will speak intelligently, make me laugh and have access to tips from the most successful racing stable in the state.

I’m thinking neither of these is going to happen this side of a blue moon, so let’s get to something that is accessible. What I would really like is to be able to order online glasses frames.

Not quite so important as my other dreams you say? Let me try to convince you otherwise. If a company can produce a website chock-a-block with new styles, colours and the most up to date designs money can buy, then wouldn’t it be just so much easier choosing half a dozen online glasses frames to be sent to you free of charge? This beats hoofing it to the mall and being given the hard sell by some optometrist desperate to pay the rent on his shop and send his kids to Avila with a stick up their bum.

An online glasses store has to be the way to go. God knows we’re struggling to even eyeball our own friends in an age of texting and E mails, let alone having to deal with a shop owner in the hard slog of picking the frame which perfectly suits you. You don’t want their opinion which could be so yesterday or simply motivated by wanting to shift some dead stock. What you need is time and focus to make the selection which will give you the air of a masked stud or a smouldering temptress if either of these is your goal.

At Frankie Dean, Optical glasses online has become our obsession, to make new glasses fashionable, affordable and stress free. Who doesn’t want a safely packed Home Try On package arriving in the mail for you to open and savour the possibilities of changing and improving your image in the privacy of your own home? That said; let’s get back to that home delivery love interest with all the best features you can think of. Now getting that parcel would be a good day.

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