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Frankie Dean Designer Frames

Frankie Dean online optical retailers offer one of the most unique and varied range of designer frames available in Australia. Committed to quality eyewear, designed and manufactured locally, Frankie Dean are 100% Australian owned with a firm focus on offering stylish, affordable eyewear and supporting the local economy.

Frankie Dean designer frames are made from the highest quality materials, resulting in durable, superbly engineered products. With a range of styles from vintage and classic, to chic modern and contemporary sophistication, we have an exclusive style that will perfectly suit your face shape and reflect your lifestyle.

Frankie Dean's vision is to provide outstanding quality glasses and support local manufacturers and industry. Our option to provide our expertise through an online outlet saves us the costs normally associated with retail outlets - savings which we pass on to you! All Frankie Dean's superb designer frames cost less than $99 a pair.

The designer frames at Frankie Dean are standout. Lightweight and sturdy, functional and comfortable – any pair of glasses can be made to order in a range of colours. Shopping at Frankie Dean is not only a convenient and comfortable way to shop, our 'Home Try On' feature allows you the opportunity to select up to five pairs of frames in different styles, colours and widths, to be sent to your home for a five day trial. Sent to you free and express, you will have the opportunity to check which glasses best suit you and which best reflect your personality and lifestyle. Rather than the twenty minutes you usually get to make a decision (at most optical stores), you will have five days to examine your frames, with various hairstyles and make up, in various lighting and by seeking the advice of family and friends. We really value our customers and understand the importance of choosing the right frames, giving you the time to do so.

We are proud to offer our uniquely designed and manufactured frames, which will have you feeling distinctive and stylish. The effective 'Home Try On' system – combined with easy ordering and outstanding customer service – will have you delighted at choosing Frankie Dean for your next pair of designer glasses.

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