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Frankie Dean

  • A Feast for the Eyes

    We’ve all heard of the old adage ‘you are what you eat’ and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to eye health. Studies have shown that key nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants can actually reduce your chances of developing macular degeneration, cataracts, eye infections and other nasty eye conditions. Some specific types of antioxidants also offer a targeted benefit in prevention of eye conditions, with Vitamin C helping to prevent or improve glaucoma and Vitamin A protecting against blindness in general.

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  • Bringing Old Hollywood Glamour Back - The Cat Eye Frame

    The fabulous cat eye frame has enjoyed enduring popularity since being introduced in the 1950s, but never more so than today. This classic upswept frame has been famously set on the noses of a myriad of Hollywood stars, including Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Barbara Windsor, Grace Kelly and opera singer Maria Callas. More recently, these exotic frames have been heralded by Madonna, Jessica Alba, Dita Von Teese and Nicole Ritchie. Dramatic upturned edges in an endless variety of colours and widths, from basic black to polka dot, are what make these glasses so adaptable.

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  • The future of Spectacles – What can we expect

    There are those who have argued that little has changed in the world of optometry since bifocals were introduced in the 18th century by Benjamin Franklin. Concerned about the stagnant nature of eyeglass technology, eyeglass specialists have diligently researched ways in which lenses – and thus, seeing – might be improved, and the market is about to be flooded with cutting edge and progressive options.

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  • Frankie Dean’s Health Funds Explained

    Whether you have an existing private health fund membership or you’re considering signing up for one, the process of understanding the benefits of each fund can be a difficult task. Regardless of which fund you look at, it can be a chore to ascertain exactly what benefits you’re entitled to based on your level of cover, what length of time you will need to wait to avail of your benefits and how many times you’ll be able to use your health fund cover over the life of your membership.

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  • Optical Parameters Explained

    Optical Parameters include wavelength, the refractive index, reflection, absorption and transmission, dispersion, the Abbe number, the equivalent power, the back vertex power and the shape factor. Following is an explanation of each of these terms, which in combination, relate to the lens of the eye.

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