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Frankie Dean

  • Beauty or Function – the Glasses Journey

    Gone are the days when wearing glasses was considered nerdy or geeky. They now reflect who we are and what we do in our lives. Since their conception in Italy around 1268, glasses – as you would expect – have improved and advanced with the times. Continue reading

  • The story of Tortoiseshells

    They’re back! Yep, tortoiseshell eyeglasses are thankfully back and here to stay.

    Tortoiseshell frames really made people stand up and take notice in the early 1900s (believe it or not), when tortoiseshell or horned rimmed glasses were worn – and made popular – by the comedian, Harold Lloyd, in 1917. This was the beginning of the eyeglasses revolution.

    Continue reading

  • The Modern Acceptance of Men’s Glasses

    For boys growing up in the 1950s and '60s, wearing glasses came with hurtful schoolyard taunts like 'four eyes', 'blind boy', 'nerd' and 'goggle eyes'. Glasses were a necessary evil and hardly fashion statements, with the distinct emphasis on being able to see better rather than attractive accessories, that also made you see better. Men wearing glasses during the same era were perceived as 'losers', or 'squares', more closely aligned with bookworms and accountants, than anyone who could possibly be interesting or exciting.

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  • The effects of the environment on the eyes

    The environment has always had a debilitating effect on the eyes, especially in Australia where strong sunlight and dusty conditions – particularly in rural areas – have caused significant issues with optimum eyesight. Continue reading

  • Vision Fact or Fiction

    Q: Does rubbing your eyes damage your vision?

    A: YES! Rubbing your eyes can actually damage them in some cases. A gentle eye rub occasionally won’t hurt, but rubbing your eyes too hard, for a long period of time or too often can actually affect the pressure within our eyeballs. Continue reading

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