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Frankie Dean

  • Buying Specs for Teen Boys – A Parent’s Guide

    You may have read our parent’s guide for buying glasses for a teenage girl ? Well, here we go again – only this time, we’ll be focussing on teenage boys that need glasses – a task that’s completely different than buying for girls! I must say that buying glasses for my teenage boys took more strategic planning and organisation than buying for my girls. For some unknown reason, I thought it would be a much simpler process, as my boys will often walk out of the house in the morning with socks at half-mast and clothes all askew, whereas the girls are always as neat as a pin.  Continue reading

  • You Don’t Need ‘Designer’ Frames!

    It’s time to look for a new pair of glasses and that means we have some very important decisions to make. Whether young, old or somewhere in between, at some stage in our life, we will have to explore the various ‘brand’ options on offer.We can then make an informed decision on our frame purchases and by taking into consideration our style, time availability and budget, we can pick the perfect pair. One of the questions we have to ask is; do I go for designer glasses, or try some of the non-designer – and therefore less expensive – new frames that have come bursting into the market in recent years? Continue reading

  • The Consequences of Ill-fitting Glasses

    You've had your eye test, had your prescription written by the optometrist, picked out your perfect frames and received the phone call to let you know your glasses are ready. Is that all there is to it? Not quite. One of the most important things left to do is to have your glasses fitted and adjusted, so they not only fit correctly, but to ensure that the centre of the lens is in direct alignment with the pupil of the eye. Your pupillary distance measurement can be taken prior to buying glasses.

    Continue reading

  • Frame That Face, Boys!

    There’s no denying that the fashion world was once heavily skewed towards the needs of women; however, in the last couple of decades, this status quo has changed dramatically, with men’s fashion sources now almost equally aligned with those of women’s. Obviously, the same can be said for accessories, like glasses. Men once had a narrow choice when it came to frame options, with big, bold and generally black frames that didn’t alter much from one design to the next. These days though, glasses frames for men have evolved into a fashion statement, with a plethora of choices in style. Here are but a few:

    Continue reading

  • Buying Glasses For A Teenage Girl – A Parent’s Guide

    Indulge me for a minute and take a trip down memory lane… Try to recall, if you will, the days of our youth (some of us have to think back further than others!) when being a teenager was all about ‘fitting in’ and the prospect of wearing glasses sent us into a tailspin. We would have preferred to walk over hot coals than be put in the ‘different’ category. I still, to this day, vividly remember a rather enthusiastic conversation I had with my mother informing her in no uncertain terms, “I would rather visit the dentist than go to the optometrist”. Go figure! Continue reading

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