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Frankie Dean

  • How A Good Drop Can Help Your Eyes!

    Were you aware that a good drop of red wine is good for our eyesight and has some impressive anti-aging properties too? In small amounts that is – not too much though, as it can have the detrimental common side effects, such as blurred vision and speech, inability to focus, stairs and chairs will be hard to navigate, you’ll develop foot-in-mouth disease and yes, your co-ordination will be affected as you try to get your keys in the front door lock that has somehow disappeared. All jokes aside though, we can drink small quantities of red wine relatively guilt free and know we are helping our body at the same time.

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  • What is Behavioural Optometry

    Behavioural Optometry is not a new concept to the optometry field (it is supported by rigorous and extensive research spaning continents and decades by experienced academics, researchers and clinicians) but it is still relatively unknown in the wider community. It’s an extremely exciting and holistic approach to the way we manage our eye care. By implementing a whole-body approach, behavioural optometrists appreciate and understand the connection between vision and behaviour/performance. Utilising the standard eye test, behavioural optometrists not only check how clear your vision is, but also integrate it with other tests, answering important questions (such as; do our eyes focus easily, how quickly do our eyes focus between near and far, how much concentration is involved when trying to maintain focus and are our eyes easily fatigued), to ensure we get optimum performance from our eyewear.

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  • Accessorise your bespectacled eyes!

    We live in a very liberating world nowadays – as far as fashion and fashion accessories are concerned – and one of our most noticeable fashion accessories is our eyewear. Whether male or female, we can get away with wearing just about anything, from the conservative, right through to the simply outrageous. Whether we do this successfully really depends on how comfortable we feel when we pop on our glasses, look in the mirror and finally see the whole picture. If you are comfortable and confident when looking in the mirror, then all is good. If you feel something may be a little ‘off’ around your spectacle choices, maybe it’s time to invest in a new pair. Just how do we pick versatile eyeglasses to complement all our outfits?

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  • Why Glasses are better than Contact Lenses

    I must admit, my only experience with contact lenses was a few years and ago and was a very short and not so sweet encounter. Have you ever tried to put anything in your eye on purpose? Let alone popping a piece of plastic the size of your pinkie fingernail under your eyelid! You may have received this very helpful piece of advice from your contact lens retailer – “It’s easier if you don’t blink!”. In my case, that’s when my “really? I never would have guessed” face made its appearance. My eyelids would have given frantically flapping hummingbird wings a run for their money. Once you eventually get your head around this unnatural concept and feel confident enough to try it for yourself, be warned – the discomfort doesn’t stop there!

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  • Love the Nerdy Chic Look? Why Not Try Non-prescription Lenses?

    We all know what the right frames can do to enhance our looks, but how do you get the nerdy chic look if you don’t need glasses? Have you ever considered non-prescription eyewear?

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