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You are what you wear?

When we choose how to style our hair, wear our makeup, what to accessorise with and what to wear, we are expressing our individual style and personality in order to (hopefully) let other people know “hey, this is me – I am wearing this as an expression of what I like or want to convey and I’d like you to treat me accordingly”. A business person may don a suit in order to look professional and command respect, while a young girl may wear her best dress out in order to feel and look beautiful. Alternatively, a Punk, Goth or Emo (is that what they even call themselves these days?) may wear their personality on their sleeve in order to show that they are unique, edgy and unapproachable by those who don’t share their interests. Of course, the same can be said of eyewear.

You areGlasses and other forms of eyewear have always made a fashion statement; whether through the use of a monacle to express ones aristocracy, a pair of round-rimmed or wayfarers to show how learned one is, a pair of cat eyes to appear coquettish  or some top brandname specs to display style and substance. Whenever a glasses wearer chooses their frames, they are doing so based on these factors, so we thought it would be fun to list a few of the personality traits that determine which type of glasses people choose. Which of these categories do you fall into?

The Labeller

Most people would prefer wearing brandname glasses, but many of us restrain ourselves due to the fact that they are so ridiculously expensive and their quality over lesser-known or lesser-publicised brands is questionable. The Labeller though – they’re a whole different kettle of fish and absolutely must have their $500 a pair designer specs, and nothing else, ever. These types will go to great lengths to buy designer brandnames – even sourcing forgeries from overseas in order to get their fix.

While this description may seem harsh, we can confidently assume that this type of person isn’t reading this blog, on account of the fact that Frankie Dean’s are so well priced, that they’d assume (silly them) that our glasses are not worthy,  even though our quality is equal to – if not higher – than the glasses they’s usually buy!

The Connoisseur

Similar to the Labeller, but not quite as silly, the Connoisseur is focused primarily on the quality of the lenses and quality of their glasses overall. This smart bunch aren’t fooled by the hype around brandnames and will buy a product that they see as high quality, no matter what the label says.

The Connoisseur is more likely to get a second – or even third – opinion on their prescription needs, as they want to be sure everything is absolutely 110% perfect when they buy their specs. They are also more likely to visit many retailers before deciding on their final purchase. If you ever invent bullet-proof lenses encased in titanium frames that are anti-fog, water repellant and completely indestructible, this is your market audience.

The Haute Couture

The Haute Couture doesn’t care about quality, as long as their gaudy, overfashioned and oversized specs match their Chanel handbag and Manolo Blahnik’s, Dahhhling

The Bourgeois Bohemian

These modern hipster types don’t give a fig about the quality of their glasses or whether they are an internationally-recognised brandname; in fact, these guys only want glasses that are handmade by Tibetan Monks out of coloured thread and prayer beads – but only if it’s done in an ethically sustainable and ecofriendly  manner.

The Pretender

The Pretender is exactly that – buying non-prescription frames because glasses have become so fashionable and they want in.

Mr./ Miss Practical

Ah, some normality. This savvy glasses wearer has a balanced understanding of what they want and what their glasses are for. They really just want glasses that work, are functional and complement their features. They are not into extremes of fashion or performance and are more likely to go for glasses that they can afford comfortably and that fit comfortably. 90% of Frankie Dean customers come from this category.

The Denier

This type of spec wearer hates the fact that they have to wear them. If they can’t buy contact lenses instead, they will be seen (or not, as the case may be) wearing rimless lenses made of the thinnest material possible. Blink though and you’ll miss it, as the Denier will whip off their glasses and hide them in a pocket at every opportunity.

The Twofer

The Twofer likes multi-function glasses – such as transition or photochromatic lenses – that allow them to have only one pair for any eventuality. They are down to Earth, practical and love a bargain, but are willing to splash out on a quality item that might save them time and effort.

The Multi Wearer

The Multi Wearer is the complete opposite of the Twofer. They have a separate pair of glasses for everything. One pair for reading, one for driving, one for computer work, one for going shopping, a pair of prescription goggles for swimming, a pair for working out and a pair for mowing the lawn.

In fact, they very likely have a drawer full of different styles of glasses, just sitting there with little labels on their cases, so the wearer knows which is which. We won’t even mention what their glove boxes look like! We suspect many of these type were Girl Guides or Scouts as children, due to the fact that they abide by their motto of ‘be prepared’.

So, which of these categories do you fit into?