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Why Glasses are better than Contact Lenses

I must admit, my only experience with contact lenses was a few years and ago and was a very short and not so sweet encounter. Have you ever tried to put anything in your eye on purpose? Let alone popping a piece of plastic the size of your pinkie fingernail under your eyelid! You may have received this very helpful piece of advice from your contact lens retailer – “It’s easier if you don’t blink!”. In my case, that’s when my “really? I never would have guessed” face made its appearance. My eyelids would have given frantically flapping hummingbird wings a run for their money. Once you eventually get your head around this unnatural concept and feel confident enough to try it for yourself, be warned – the discomfort doesn’t stop there!


Unfortunately, until you master the art of guiding these uncooperative little contacts into your eyes, there is always the real fear of dropping them on the floor. Just picture this – running late for work, children getting ready for school around you… feet (large and small) stomping all over your precious ‘eyes’ that are languishing somewhere on the floor. I can definitely think of better ways to start the day. I could never find the slippery little things when they bounced off my fingers onto the floor, nor get my head round the fact that I needed my glasses on to actually put my contacts in (even Rubber Man would have trouble with this particular feat). Here are a few more contact lens annoyances:

Once they’re in, you’ll need to try to navigate through your day without offending every work colleague and innocent bystander by ‘winking’ at them every 10 minutes; although, on some occasions, it can be advantageous… I got a free bus ride to work by ‘winking’ at the driver! Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say.

Miracle of miracles – you wake up one morning and think your sight has been restored, but before running to your nearest place of worship and sharing this wondrous event, you have an epiphany (in my case, this occurred somewhere between the bathroom and coffee machine if memory serves me correctly). Yep, you’ve left your contacts in. Gritty red eyes for the rest of the day, ugh!

Remember the urban myth that if you kept your contacts in for too long, a chemical/bacterial reaction would occur and your eyeballs would melt? The funny thing was, even though I knew this was rubbish, I couldn’t quite manage to leave that nagging little thought behind. I had this image of sitting in a five star restaurant with important dinner guests and my eyeballs starting melting at the dinner table. I don’t think “excuse me, I just need to use the powder room” would quite work.

Did you know you can lose your contact in your own eye!? After you have run around the house a couple of hundred times in a panic, you’ll call the optometrist for some soothing and sympathetic advice and hear “Stay calm. Don’t use excessive force while trying to remove them, but if that’s not successful, see your doctor”. What? By this stage, you’ll be ready to ping them out with a spoon!

Another little pearl I came across and would like to share with you is to be careful of the contact drying in your eyes. If your contacts do start to dry up, your closest friends and relatives will probably think you’ve been hitting the booze, due to fact your vision will be impaired, and therefore your ability to co-ordinate the minefield of small coffee tables and kids toys scattered around the house will suddenly disappear.

After the end of a long hard day, you have to remove your contacts, bathe them and keep them moist, as well as keep them extremely clean to avoid any eye issues. Alternatively, you could do what I did – raised the white flag and decided to stick with my trusty, reliable eyeglasses.