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Talking Fashion Glasses with Gwen Korebrits

Frankie Dean customer experience with Gwen Korebrits

Gwen is the founder and owner of ‘Gwenstyle’ personal styling in Sydney NSW. Gwen has been styling her clients in the fashion industry for over 10 years now and knows everything there is to know about ‘fashion’. She has appeared on numerous media stations as a fashion expert on styling, body shape and budgeting, including Today Tonight, The Daily Telegraph and Sydney radio.

We decided to interview Gwen on her Frankie Dean fashion eyewear experience as we were eager to hear her professional thoughts and opinions on our product and service! The one thing Gwen was absolutely blown away with was the level of consistent service she received from our team and how good she felt through the entire experience….


Here are the questions we asked Gwen:

1. Are you a regular glasses wearer? If so, where have you purchased your eyewear from in the past?

Gwen’s first pair of optical glasses are actually her new pair of Frankie Dean’s however before discovering the online world of glasses; she would often purchase eyewear for her family and clients in retail stores such as Specsavers or OPSM. The reason being is she likes to be able to feel and see the physical product before buying it.

2. How did you hear about FD?

Gwen enjoys reading Frankie Magazine as she feels their content is stylish and worthwhile, she saw our Frankie Dean full paged ad on fashion glasses in one of their monthly magazines and jumped onto our website to check us out!

3. What attracted you to the Frankie Dean product and buying eye glasses online?

Once on our website Gwen was amazed and impressed with the ‘Home Try On’ service that we offer. Initially she thought the concept of receiving 5 frames to try on in the comfort of your own home for a fully refundable $1 deposit was just “too good to be true”. After she had done some research into Frankie Dean and discovered that we are an Australian business based in Victoria she was keen to place an order. Once receiving her 5 fashion glasses, she loved having the ability to walk around with her FD’s on and gain the approval and opinions of her friends and family. She also thought that the website was very helpful in recommending frames to suit certain face shapes.

Gwen’s motto when purchasing any product online is “I will never invest more than I am prepared to lose” meaning if the product is not priced in a fair and reasonable manner, Gwen wouldn’t even look twice.

4. What would you say the Pro’s and Con’s are for buying in store vs buying online?

Generally people like to have the opinions of others when trying on a product and therefore it is an advantage to be able to go into a store and gain feedback from the sales assistants. Also by visiting a store, you can touch and feel the product you are interested in before purchasing. The down side to that is sometimes a second opinion can back fire and people can feel like they are getting talked into things that they don’t want by pushy retail assistants that are desperate to make a sale.

Traditionally the disadvantage of buying online is not being able to see and feel the product before purchasing, but now with services like our Home Try On system, that huge uncertainty of buying a product blind is removed. Also by having the ability to try on the frames in the comfort of your own home with the opinions of the people who matter to you the most (your friends and family) you can be sure to make the right decision with no external pressure!

5. Were you aware that you could purchase tinted or polarized lenses from FD?

Gwen is aware that on our website there is an option for every frame to purchased with a UV graduated tint or polarized tinted lens. Gwen says “Next time I need sunglasses I would look into a pair of FD’s”. She did state that normally she wears designer sunglass brands as it is a statement for her in the profession she is in, but said that she’d like to look into a pair of FD’s for something different.

6. What do you look for in fashion glasses when selecting for yourself & your clients?

Gwen looks for styles that suit your face shape and your personality but also takes into consideration frames that will enhance your look! The Frankie Dean eye glasses that Gwen recently selected for her daughter were a huge success in the fact that previously her daughter would wear contacts majority of the time, but now all she wants is to wear her new FD’s everywhere. Another major factor for Gwen when selecting eyewear is to look for competitive pricing and value for money. She believed that shopping with Frankie Dean has a “boutique” feel about it as opposed to going to your local BIG W and purchasing your eyewear from there. Not only did Gwen love the FD prices but she also believes we are “up to date with our designs and very trendy”.

7. Would you recommend FD to your clients, friends and family?

“Undoubtedly”!! Gwen would happily recommend Frankie Dean to her clients, friends and family as a great option for online optical. She believes we are doing everything right for our customers and loves the whole FD experience!

Wow what amazing feedback! Gwen we thank you for your time and all your generous compliments on our product and service! We are thrilled that you now own your very own pair of Frankie Dean’s and we hope you enjoy wearing them!

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