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Love the Nerdy Chic Look? Why Not Try Non-prescription Lenses?

We all know what the right frames can do to enhance our looks, but how do you get the nerdy chic look if you don’t need glasses? Have you ever considered non-prescription eyewear?


This relatively new and exciting fashion trend – utilising non-prescription lenses – will add a touch of panache to any of your outfits. Either jazz up an old favourite outfit with some trendy specs, or add some pizazz to your reliable black business suit ensemble. They are guaranteed to make your outfits zing and compliment any look you want to achieve.

You may think that frames with clear glass have absolutely no advantage at all besides looking great; therefore, why on earth would you bother buying them? However, if you bear with me for a few minutes and read on, I’ll try to point out a few extra positives to help convince you otherwise.

In this day and age, there aren’t many of us who do not use a computer, iPad or iPhone of some kind, whether at work or at home. This can mean that – after hours of intense screen watching – your eyes become tired, aching and gritty due to eyestrain. Why not consider non-prescription lenses with an anti-reflective coating to stop that eye-watering glare? These anti-reflective coatings are excellent when working on your computer, as they help eliminate external light reflecting off your screen, which can result in serious eyestrain. By just going one step further, you can add a light tint to your lenses. This will also reduce glare from overhead lighting; therefore, enhancing the contrast on your screen, plus, this light tint will also block ‘blue’ light that emanates from your computer screen.

With all the dust and pollutants that are with us everywhere we go, our hard working eyes are constantly bombarded with these tiny particles. This is another excellent reason for purchasing a pair of non-prescription glasses. This type of eyewear will help protect your eyes, to a certain degree, from the irritating effects of these annoying little eye irritants.

Non-prescription glasses can also help detract from some of our slight facial flaws e.g. wrinkles, irregular skin colour, scars etc. with a pair of tremendously trendy, comfortable and lightweight frames, no one will even notice these little imperfections.

With the same limitless choices in size, shape, colour and style and made with the same top quality materials that our frames are famous for, you can mix and match any time, any day.

This ever-increasing fashion trend towards non-prescription eyewear can help with some important eye health issues, and it is cheaper, easier and less time consuming than you would imagine. With no prescription necessary, you simply pop online, download a facial photo onto our website or order five pairs of frames with our Home Try On, and off you go!