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Achieve Eye Beauty Safely

Eye makeup has been with us for centuries – just think of Cleopatra the queen of Egypt and the amount of makeup she and others had trowelled on their face in remarkable volumes on a daily basis. When applied correctly, makeup can accentuate the natural beauty of our eyes and easily hide those little skin blemishes we all have.


There are few golden rules that have to be adhered to though, to prevent the uncommon (but still possible) pitfalls of applying makeup around the eyes, that can lead to infection, redness, irritation and a very, very slim chance of blindness.

Your first point of call is to look at what type of makeup you are using, and determine whether it is appropriate for your skin type. If you have sensitive skin or you’re prone to allergies, be sure to read and follow all relevant instructions and purchase eye approved, hypoallergenic products. This ensures that none – or only minimal amounts – of unforgiving ingredients, such as nickel, fragrances and lanolin, don’t cause too many problems, as these are likely to irritate the eye and cause redness and itching. Once your makeup is home, store it in a cool, dry place. Storing makeup in high temperatures creates the perfect environment for unfriendly bacteria to grow.

Replace your makeup on a regular basis – as a general rule, every 4-6 months or so. The majority of cosmetics on the market have preservatives in them, which impede the growth of harmful bacteria, but it won’t last forever. If you notice a change in texture, colour or smell they are ready for the bin. Remember to sharpen your eyeliner regularly.

The most common problem we seem to encounter is cornea damage due to scratching. This is usually triggered by mascara wands or fingernails when rushing to apply our makeup. Running late? Don’t make the mistake of thinking “all good, I’ll save time and apply my makeup in the car – what a great idea”. That is, until you miss another car by a millimetre, nearly lose an eye and miss your turnoff by about three kms! Tiny eye scratches in or around the eye may seem insignificant, but can lead to serious eye issues down the track, such as pinkeye, conjunctivitis or similar nasty infections.

Please, please, please do not share makeup, makeup brushes, applicators and wands with anyone – including family members and friends – as bacteria can be easily transferred from one person to another with sometimes-disastrous consequences. Since we all have different types of bacteria on our skin that don’t play well with others, certain unwelcome issues can and often do arise. If you go to have your makeup done professionally, be sure they use new disposable applicators.

Always remove your makeup before bed as mascara or other eye makeup can be rubbed into your eyes accidentally, and can lead to severely red, irritated, scratched eyes in the morning.

Try to avoid the thickening mascaras or the metallic eyeshadows if you can, as these can sometimes ‘drop’ into your eyes and cause irritation. When applying mascara, just go for the tips of your eyelashes.

If you do happen to be very unlucky and have an eye issue, take the offending product to your optometrist or doctor so he can give you the correct diagnosis. By learning to apply makeup correctly, you’ll be well on your way to having gorgeous eye makeup, which will – of course – be accentuated beautifully with a pair of Frankie Dean frames!