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Accessorise your bespectacled eyes!

We live in a very liberating world nowadays – as far as fashion and fashion accessories are concerned – and one of our most noticeable fashion accessories is our eyewear. Whether male or female, we can get away with wearing just about anything, from the conservative, right through to the simply outrageous. Whether we do this successfully really depends on how comfortable we feel when we pop on our glasses, look in the mirror and finally see the whole picture. If you are comfortable and confident when looking in the mirror, then all is good. If you feel something may be a little ‘off’ around your spectacle choices, maybe it’s time to invest in a new pair. Just how do we pick versatile eyeglasses to complement all our outfits?


When purchasing your glasses, ask yourself exactly the same questions you would if you were buying a piece of jewellery, bag, belt or any other item of clothing or accessory. What could I wear them with? Am I able to wear them with multiple outfits? Will they mix and match with most of my wardrobe? With the low price of eyeglasses available from Frankie Dean, it’s an excellent idea to purchase two pairs. This is perfect for those of us who live double lives and dress conservatively for work, but on our days off, love to let our hair down and wear fun and funky eyewear.

In years gone by, we were coached by our parents and the fashion industry that – when assembling our outfits – we should always do our best to match our shoes with our bag, belt or jewellery. As a result of this, we were colour co-ordinated to perfection, so to speak. You must admit, there is still value in these particular pearls of wisdom when you are dressing for a special occasion, work or even a red carpet affair; unfortunately, we don’t wear the same style, colour or fashion items every day, so this rule just doesn’t apply to all situations.

You would have to agree then, to a certain extent, the days of colour co-ordination are gone, but if you do want to create that special look and compliment your eyeglasses perfectly with your outfit, here’s a little bit of advice. When choosing the warmer tones for your ensemble, reach for your rich reds, beautiful browns, tortoiseshell, orange, deep yellows or gold toned coloured eyewear. Silver, purples, blues, and greens are your cooler colours. Don’t forget the all-important black and even white when choosing your frames – these are neutral shades and will match just about anything you decide to wear.

With colours all organised, the next step is face shape. Those of you with an oval shaped face are very lucky and most frame shapes will suit you. If your face is longish in shape try the rounder styles, a round face is complimented by rectangular or boxy frames.

The key to success is balance. If you look in the mirror and you feel it’s too much, then you will probably be right. By matching spot-on colours, perfect frame shape with the ensemble to match and confidence by the bucket load – the results will speak for themselves!