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10 Helpful Hacks for Eyeglass Wearers

There’s no doubt about it – glasses are one of the world’s best inventions. They allow thousands of vision impaired people to participate in activities that may once have been almost impossible without glasses and many spectacle wearers aren’t aware of just how lucky they are. Having said that, there’s a reason that many of us curse our reliance on glasses at times. Whether it’s a pair that keep slipping down our nose, a blurred vista when it rains or a greasy smudge that just won’t wipe off. Whatever it is that annoys you about your glasses, just remember that there’s likely a solution to your problems. Here are ten little glasses hacks that might solve at least a few!

Hacks for Eyeglass Wearers

  1. Got a smudge that just won’t budge? Obviously, the best thing to use to clean your glasses is a reputable glasses cleaning solution; however, if you don’t have any on hand, the next best thing is a drop of plain old dishwashing liquid and warm water. Don’t use soap, as this will cause a streaky layer to form on your lenses. Also, definitely don’t use anything containing alcohol, vinegar, bleach or ammonia as these liquids destroy the coating on your eyewear.
  2.  Are you constantly pushing your glasses up? If so, it might be time to buy a new, properly fitting pair. In the meantime, rubbing some wax on the nose bridge and arms (above your ears) of your glasses will prevent slippage. You can actually buy a product tailor made for this, or just use beeswax, paraffin (candle) wax, surfboard wax or even a crayon.
  3. If you have lost or worn out the little cleaning cloth that comes with your glasses and need to buy a new one, head to the household cleaning section of your supermarket or hardware store instead. While there, pick up a packet of microfibre cloths and you’ll have crystal clear vision again in no time. Most large name hardware stores stock cheap bulk packets, so you can save some for your glasses and pop the rest into your cleaning closet or in your tool shed. Just remember to wash them often, by chucking them in with your washing, if you plan to reuse them (and why wouldn’t you?).
  4. If you’re anything like me, you probably get annoyed when – after cleaning your glasses lenses to a lovely clear finish – you can never quite get right into the corners where the lens is anchored into the frames. Sure, you don’t notice the little bit of yucky corner crud when they’re on, but still, it’s frankly disgusting and a real pet peeve of mine. To solve this problem, use either a pipe cleaner or a soft interdental toothpick, curl it over so there’s no chance of scratching your lenses with the pointy tip and use some cleaning solution (or dishwashing liquid) to get right into those corners. Then just wipe them off with your cleaning cloth as you normally would. These can also be used to clean in the sections where the arms are screwed into the frames and where there’s any decoration on your frames.
  5. The four previous tips may be a little boring, but how’s this for handy… If you are constantly fumbling around in the dark for your glasses when you need to go to the toilet at night, paint a little strip of glow in the dark paint onto your glasses case – or even straight onto the arm of your glasses, as glow in the dark paint is clear. This way, you’ll be able to see them in the dark. You could also buy some cute glow in the dark stickers to decorate your case with.
  6. If you love listening to tunes with over-the-ear headphones, but can never quite get them to sit comfortably over your glasses, affix some adhesive backed foam (look for ‘weather stripping’ in a hardware store) to the foam sections of the ear pieces. This will not only give you some extra cushioning, but will also make the headphones sit out further, reducing that uncomfortable feeling of having your glasses arms digging in above your ears.
  7. If your eyesight is quite bad and you’re always getting the shampoo and conditioner mixed up in the shower, simply pop a thick rubber band around one of the bottles to differentiate one from the other. This tip is so easy, yet so, so handy.
  8. If your nose bridge pads are all out of whack, place your specs on a flat surface and you’ll be able to see how they are sitting in relation to each other. Another easy fix, but very often overlooked.
  9. If you’re an active person, but find it extremely annoying when your sweat causes your glasses to fog up or develop droplets, wear a sports headband – or for those more fashion conscious – a hat or a decorative lady’s hairband (the type that sits on your hairline, just above your brow). This will prevent the sweat dripping down into your eye area.
  10. Finally, if you ever lose your glasses and need to see without them, use your hands. No, I don’t mean you should walk around like a zombie, trying to feel your way around, I mean literally use your hand to help you focus by creating an aperture with your fingers. Watch this video to find out how. Amazing!