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Bifocal Glasses

Bifocal lenses are designed for those who need correction in both their distance and reading vision. This simple lens has offered – for many years – a large area at the top of the lens devoted to your distance vision, with a smaller segment at the bottom of the lens enabling you to see things close up. The working distance and close up focus is fixed with this type of lens. Often the difference between the two segments is delineated by a slight line.

More progressive bifocals have a smooth transition between the distance and reading sections of the lens, allowing the wearer better clarity and the ability to use their glasses for doing things not previously possible. In line with the continuing development of modern technology, bifocal wearers can now work at computer screens successfully and have all round greater middle distance vision. The absence of a distinguishing line between the component parts is also a huge improvement for the wearer, offering more natural and usable vision without excessive head movement.

Frankie Dean are committed to offering our customers the most modern and up to date progressive bifocals, ensuring your vision comfort and style. As a wholly Australian owned and operated online company, we take great pride in our superior products, all locally sourced and engineered. With a focus on affordable elegance, Frankie Dean is a company committed to inspired, hand crafted eyewear which supports its local economy.

Operating solely as on online store, we have greatly reduced costs, which we pass on to our customers. There's no middle man to eat up the profits and we are free of the overheads suffered by most retailers and optical dispensers.

To ensure you get the frame you want, we have introduced our fabulous 'Home Try On' feature, which allows you to select up to five frames of various colour, style and width to have express posted to your home for free, for five days. This gives you time to deliberate over your choice, trying on different frames for family and friends and with different clothing, hairstyles and make up.

If its outstanding customer service you want, Frankie Dean offer it in spades, ensuring you are totally satisfied with your bifocal lenses and offering support and guidance at every step.

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